Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Document Translation Services

Spanish English Document Translation for Immigration and legal purposes $30 per page and Business Translation for  various industries $0.10 per word. Call us 1.888.634.4414

Spanish English Translation Services

We specialized in document translation services for individuals, business and institutions.  Our Translators have the expertise and excellent linguistic skills to provide Spanish English Translations with Accuracy and Reliability. 


Certified Translation:
Flat-Rate $30/ page
Certified Translation for documents that are intended to be used for legal purposes by  academic, governmental and other major organizations.
Spanish English Translations contain a Certificate of Accuracy stating the precision of the translated document and are duly notarized for legal validity.

Business Translation:
Document translations for business or professional purposes, pricing is based on word count, please request a quote.

We Translate:
  • Surveys
  • Brochures
  • Office Manuals
  • Safety Manuals
  • Employee Manuals
  • Technical Documents
  • Medical Material
  •  Legal Documents
  • Educational Material
  • Corporate Documents
  •  ​Business Cards
  • Product Description
  • ​Advertising Material
  • Marketing Material
  • Financial Documents
  • ​Leases
  • Agreements
  • General Contracts
  • Corporate Documents
  • Real Estate Documents
Legal and academic documents:
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Testaments
  • Transcripts
  • Records
  • Diplomas​
  • Contracts


Toll Free: 1-888-634-4414

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