Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to Choose the Right Translation Company

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Document Translation from Spanish to English and English to Spanish has become a big requirement in the U.S. The main reason is the increasing number of Spanish speaking people living in this Country and becoming an influential demographic. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to know how to choose the right translation company to perform the document translation for this language pair. But how to know which one to choose?

The key aspect here is to make sure the Translation Company or Translator masters both languages and has the linguistic skills and deep knowledge of the grammatical structure. Typically, a Spanish English Translator is native in one of the languages and fluent in the other, this means he/she manages the language in deep almost as his/her native language, therefore, the context and structure of the text is kept in the translation process.
Another important aspect is the price. Translation Companies usually charge per word and give you a quote for you to consider.  This process can take couple of hours or days to get back a quote and you can waste valuable time waiting. Other Companies choose to have a flat-rate pricing based on an average price per word so there is no need to request a quote and the translation process is faster and usually more cost-effective without affecting the quality and accuracy of the translation.

The last aspect to consider is the type of translation that you need. Some types are: medical, legal, personal, academic, business, marketing and so on. Some Translation Companies specialize in certain areas so it’s easier to choose according to their services.

To consider these important aspects when choosing a Translation Company, will make it easier to have your documents translated fast, with quality and professionalism.

At InVerba Translations, we offer professional Spanish English Translation Services. Our areas of expertise are Legal, Academic & Personal Documents. We offer a Flat-Rate Price of $30 per page.

Our Mission is to deliver Certified Document Translations with the highest quality standards at a great affordable price.

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