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How to Choose the Right Translation Company

Certified Spanish English Translation Services for Legal Purposes and Immigration $30 per page and Spanish English Business Translation for Various Industries $0.10 per word. Call us 1.888.634.4414

Document Translation from Spanish to English and English to Spanish has become a big requirement in the U.S. The main reason is the increasing number of Spanish speaking people living in this Country and becoming an influential demographic. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to know how to choose the right translation company to perform the document translation for this language pair. But how to know which one to choose?

The key aspect here is to make sure the Translation Company or Translator masters both languages and has the linguistic skills and deep knowledge of the grammatical structure. Typically, a Spanish English Translator is native in one of the languages and fluent in the other, this means he/she manages the language in deep almost as his/her native language, therefore, the context and structure of the text is kept in the translation process.
Another important aspect is the price. Translation Companies usually charge per word and give you a quote for you to consider.  This process can take couple of hours or days to get back a quote and you can waste valuable time waiting. Other Companies choose to have a flat-rate pricing based on an average price per word so there is no need to request a quote and the translation process is faster and usually more cost-effective without affecting the quality and accuracy of the translation.

The last aspect to consider is the type of translation that you need. Some types are: medical, legal, personal, academic, business, marketing and so on. Some Translation Companies specialize in certain areas so it’s easier to choose according to their services.

To consider these important aspects when choosing a Translation Company, will make it easier to have your documents translated fast, with quality and professionalism.

At InVerba Translations, we offer professional Spanish English Translation Services. Our areas of expertise are Legal, Academic & Personal Documents. We offer a Flat-Rate Price of $30 per page.

Our Mission is to deliver Certified Document Translations with the highest quality standards at a great affordable price.

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Expertise, Precision and Reliability

Spanish English Document Translation Services. Certified Translation $30 per page and Business Translation $0.10 per word. Call us 1.888.634.4414

At InVerba Translations, we are committed to honesty and transparency in our business projects by delivering Spanish English Translations with the highest quality standards at a great affordable price. Our main goal is to meet your translation requirements and that you are fully satisfied with our service.

We offer Certified & Notarized Document Translation and Business Translation for various industries.

Our areas of expertise are Legal, Academic & Personal Documents, price $30 per page flat-rate.

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The Spanish Language

Certified Spanish English Translation Services. Legal and academic documents $30 per page. Business Documents $0.10/Word. Call us 1.888.634.4414

It is actually universal and additionally somewhat irrelevant name that is given to make sure the idiomatic, native expressions and also the targeted vocabulary of speaking Spanish in Latina America. When compared to 400 million men and women that speak Spanish tongue (or Castilian) as their mother tongue, about 300 million are in Latin American Countries. There are several particularities and additionally idiomatic movement within Spanish tongue or Castilian. A portion of the aspects which usually affect Spanish tongue are: incorrect usage used by the mass media, the change of everyday terms and, maybe the main thing, the gaps for technical words.
However, there are technical words that can be more clearly a positive change between Spanish from Iberian Peninsula, described as Spanish right from Castilla, and additionally Latin American Spanish. For Latin American Spanish all the direct words right from English really is relatively a great deal more frequent, without translating or aligning the spelling to traditional norms. The large number of notorious occasion is the insertion of the word email or e-mail for Spanish users instead of the more literal interpretation in the same language and this really is used only in Spain where Anglo words have not been adopted as part of their vocabulary. All of these differences really are evident in recently adopted industry terms.
In Latina America they communicate differently, using common words whilst in Spain their word usage is more refined and broad. The main difference between the Castilian Spanish and the Latin American Spanish is that the latter has been deeply influenced by native and Indian dialects and vocabulary. Foreign language features alternatives for the assorted parts wherever it is spoken. These variances are actually named community alternatives or it could be dialects. For example: the Spanish Spoken in Colombia and Ecuador and Peru, it's an assortment of the particular Caribbean language and also Peruvian waterfront dwellers' language. The main metropolitan location is Guayaquil, along with Bogota and also Quito, and you can find crucial African american residential areas mostly around the Colombian shoreline making use of their very own idioms and also neighborhood usages.
Being the homeland of Spanish, Spain offers the purest form of the Spanish language available worldwide. It's also the foremost neutral not to mention universal variety of the tongue. Spain's civilization and history is some of the most unique in the world. The Nation's important cultural background and influence in the way of life in Latin America, make Spain a great attractive place.


InVerba Translations Corp.

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FAQ-InVerba Translations

Certified Spanish English Translation Services. Legal and academic documents $30 per page. Business Documents $0.10/Word. Call us 1.888.634.4414


What languages do you translate?

We provide Spanish to English Translation and English to Spanish Translation.
What is a Certified Document Translation?

A translation is certified when is accompanied by a Certificate of Accuracy that states that the translation is a true copy of the original document signed by the translator or translation company representative. A certified translation is usually required by the following:

• U.S. Immigration (USCIS), Courts, Federal and State Agencies.

•Academic Institutions such as Universities, Colleges and High Schools.

What is a Notarized Translation?

A translation that is Notarized has been signed in front of a Notary Public, who has witnessed the signature and notarized the document to that effect by affixing the Notary stamp. A translation is usually notarized in order to be valid and accepted by legal and academic institutions.

What is an Apostille?

Certified and Notarized translated documents that are intended to be used in a foreign country need to have an Apostille. It is an additional authentication required for international acceptance. We offer this service upon request at an additional cost of $60 dollars and may take up to 10 business days.

What is the turnaround time for Certified Translation Services?
It varies on the size and type of the documents. Usually takes 3-5 business days excluding shipping.

Are my documents and information secured?

Your documents and credit card information are secure in our system using SSL encryption. None of your personal information is stored and your documents are only seen by the professional translators working on them.

Can I send you my documents via fax?

Toll-free fax number: 1-888-314-1355.

​Can I send my documents via email?

Email them to us to to place an order or request a quote.

Certified Translation $30/Page Flat-Rate

Certified Spanish English Translation Services. Legal and academic documents $30 per page. Business Documents $0.10/Word. Call us 1.888.634.4414

Flat-Rate Price $30/page for Certified Translation

We strive to provide the best Spanish English translation services.

For Certified Translation for legal or academic purposes, we offer a great flat rate price $30 per page, no quote needed because we understand that your time is valuable.

Our flat-rate pricing system allows customer to save time by just uploading their documents and placing an order, there's no need to request a quote.

Our main goal is to make the translation process easy and cost-effective because our priority is customer satisfaction.

We guarantee that your certified Spanish English translation will be handled with privacy and professionalism.

Call us: 1.888.634.4414

About us

Spanish English Translation Services.Certified translation of Legal and academic documents $30 per page. Business Documents $0.10/Word. Call us 1.888.634.4414

InVerba Translations Corp.

Translation Company based in Miami, Florida, USA.
Our qualified professionals have the expertise and years of experience as freelance bilingual translators, mastering in depth knowledge of language’s cultural context, dialects, and terminology in order to provide Certified Spanish English Translations with accuracy, excellency and reliability.

We offer a great flat rate price, no hidden fees and no quote needed. We strive to provide the best services to make the translation of your documents a simple and easy process.

At InVerba Translations Corp, we are committed to honesty and transparency in our business projects. Our translators and proofreaders are organized by teams to handle projects according to its type and size. We will strive to provide quick turnaround but always delivering excellent quality translated copies of your original documents.

Our Certified translators have the language skills and capabilities to deliver documents perfectly translated into the target language keeping the source language’s context and framework and have the efficiency to understand the needs and requirements of the translation process in order to provide customized services for your Spanish to English or English to Spanish translations.

Our main goal is to meet your translation requirements and that you are fully satisfied with our service, that is why we strive to provide great translation services at an affordable price.

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Servicio de Traducciones Certificadas

Certified Spanish English Translation Services. Legal and academic documents $30 per page. Business Documents $0.10/Word. Call us 1.888.634.4414

Servicio de Traducciones Certificadas de Español a Inglés y de Inglés a Español

Nuestros profesionales cuentan con años de experiencia como traductores independientes bilingües con las habilidades lingüísticas y un conocimiento profundo del contexto cultural, los dialectos y la terminología con el fin de proveer traducciones certificadas de documentos con precisión, excelencia y confiabilidad.

Nos especializamos en la traducción de documentos Certificados de Español a Inglés y de Inglés a Español.
Nosotros proveemos la Certificación y notarización de documentos para ser aceptados por el USCIS, tribunales, organismos federales, estatales y otras organizaciones importantes como colegios y universidades. Nuestros servicios de traducción completa incluyen traducción certificada y notarizada de documentos legales, académicos y personales.

Precio Tarifa Plana
Nos esforzamos por ofrecer los mejores servicios de traducción certificada de documentos de Español a Inglés y de Inglés a Español. Ofrecemos un gran precio de $30 dólares por página, no necesita previa evaluacion porque entendemos que su tiempo es valioso. Nuestro principal objetivo es hacer de la Traducción de sus documentos un proceso fácil y sencillo porque nuestra prioridad es la satisfacción de nuestros clientes. Le garantizamos que sus documentos serán tratados con confidencialidad y profesionalismo. Su información estará segura y no ser compartida.

Las traducciones certificadas de documentos se envían por correo a través de correo urgente de USPS, sin costo adicional y una copia electrónica en formato PDF está disponible bajo petición. El sistema de tarifa plana le permite al cliente ahorrar tiempo ya que solodebe subir sus documentos y hacer un pedido, sin necesidad de solicitar un presupuesto o evaluacion previa. Si no está seguro, póngase en contacto con nosotros. Su Traducción Español Inglés certificada y notariada será enviada en un promedio de 1-3 días hábiles dependiendo del tamaño del proyecto.

Nuestros servicios de traducción certificada de Español a inglés y de inglés a Español son proporcionados por un equipo de profesionales que cuidadosamente traducen, corrigen y revisan sus documentos para garantizar la precisión y calidad de sus documentos. Las traducciones certificadas incluyen un certificado de exactitud y se encuentran debidamente notariadas para ser utilizadas para efectos legales.

En primer lugar, su proyecto será dirigido al equipo de traducción Español-Inglés calificado para manejar sus documentos con confidencialidad, respeto y profesionalismo. 
El segundo paso es la revisión de los documentos certificados para garantizar que no haya errores y que el contexto de la lengua original (español o en Inglés) fue trasladado fielmente a su idioma de destino. 
El tercer paso consiste en editar y revisar la traducción con el fin de mantener el diseño y el marco de la obra original. 
Ofrecemos servicio de envio internacional. * Si el documento no se enumeran a continuación, póngase en contacto con nosotros.

Documentos Legales:
Certificado de Nacimiento
Certificado de Matrimonio
Certificado de Divorcio
Certificado de Defunción
Licencia de conducir
Tarjeta de Identificación
Declaraciones Juradas
Registros Policiales
Documentos académicos:
De Colegio y Universidad:

Documentos Personales:
Cartas de Empleo
Cartas de recomendación
y mucho mas!

si su documento no aparece en la lista, por favor contactenos.

3 Easy Steps to Order Professional Translation

Certified Spanish English Translation Services. Legal and academic documents $30 per page. Business Documents $0.10/Word. Call us 1.888.634.4414

Certified Spanish English Translation Services

In just 3 steps you can have your documents ready for Translation and Certification. No quote needed.

1. Upload Documents
2. Place an Order
3. Receive Certified Translations

Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Divorce Certificate
Death Certificate
Driver’s License
Identification Card
Police Records

High School, College and University

Letters of Employment
Letters of Recommendation

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Document Translation Process

Spanish English Translation Services.Certified translation of Legal and academic documents $30 per page. Business Documents $0.10/Word. Call us 1.888.634.4414

Certified Spanish to English Translations
The most important aspect in the translation process is that the translator has a full understanding of the source language in order to provide accurate translated texts within its original framework. It is not only to replace the words into English but to keep the cultural context and meaning of the document as a whole. Each Spanish spoken country has its own dialects and interpretations. At Inverba Translations, our team of translators are native Spanish speaking with the knowledge of the different Spanish slangs, dialects, and types of legal, personal and academic documents in order to provide translated Spanish documents into English with the highest quality, precision and accuracy.

Certified English to Spanish translations
When translating a language pair it is crucial to fully know both languages in depth for the translation process to work. Our translators have the required understanding of the English language and its structure; therefore when translating into Spanish they have the ability to maintain the source language (English) context, framework and layout. For more information, please see our FAQ.

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